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Delaney Land Company (DLC) is an affiliate of long-time Orlando-based commercial real estate firm Harrison Realty & Development, Inc., founded in 1996 by Raymond Harrison.

At Delaney Land Co., we work with land as the blank canvas upon which all real estate projects are built. At some point, a now-completed project – whether a subdivision, apartment complex, medical office, or retail complex – was just a piece of land. The increased complexity of developing land, from regulatory requirements to market constraints, has created a situation whereby it takes real hands-on experience to rightly understand what can be done with the blank canvas. The principals at Delaney Land Co. have accumulated a significant depth of knowledge on all aspects of land entitlement, contracts, and maximizing land values. Simply put, we know how to take the blank canvas and create the end product.

Land is only as valuable as what can be built upon it, and owners, sellers, and buyers need a brokerage and consulting firm that has real experience to understand both the strengths and constraints of the land in order to form a realistic opinion of value no matter which side of the transaction. Such experience comes from having personally signed on the dotted line as a seller, buyer, and borrower, which brings a full perspective to understanding the business of land brokerage, development, and consulting.

Whether you’re interested in selling, buying or developing your property, Delaney Land Co. can provide that professional, experienced assistance. We offer a full-service spectrum of brokerage and commercial real estate services, including site selection, buyer and seller representation, consulting, development services, and strategic planning for real estate assets.

Our Team

Troy Drinkwater specializes in all aspects of commercial real estate

Troy Drinkwater

Raymond Harrison has been actively involved in commercial real estate

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